Adrienne Tan

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Alan Klement
October 26, 2020
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October 26, 2020
Adrienne Tan

Adrienne Tan

Product Leader, CEO, Brainmates

My Product Philosophy

  • I believe in developing products that make an impact. The products we choose to develop must move organisational metrics forward or change the way the customer behaves or feels. Otherwise, there is little point engaging in expensive product development.

  • I believe in simple products. Products must solve one core customer problem well instead of solving many minor problems that make no material difference to the customer. Adding redundant features to products adds confusion.

  • I believe in measurable outcomes. This means working on things that add value to the process, the product or the people that we work with.

  • I believe in saying hello. People make products. Spend more time being genuinely nice to the people who make products. It starts with hello. There is no magic just good manners.

  • I believe in taking responsibility. Step up and do the product tasks without waiting to be asked. Doing the right jobs, keeps the process moving

  • I believe in fearless decision making. Don’t shy away from making decisions. Don’t wait for perfect data. Don’t over analyse or you may just miss the opportunity. Use what’s available and trust your instincts.

  • I believe in leading from the front. Never ask your team to engage in work or activities that you are not prepared to undertake yourself.

  • I believe in continuous learning to fuel our drive and passion for better Product Management.

  • I believe in a common sense process. Do not over complicate the process of making product by imbibing the process with more acronyms, tools and techniques than is required. Pare back the process to its barest, but effective minimum.

  • I believe in putting knowledge, information and skills to good use. Don’t just “know” stuff, but incorporate it in your decision making process. Bring available skills to bear when making product.

  • I believe in writing. Writing in clear, full sentences helps us plan and structure our thoughts. Whilst conversations are important, capturing conversations in a meaningful, actionable plan enables teams to go back when direction and clarity is required.

  • I believe in doing less, but more often. This means taking big, audacious ideas, visions and goals and breaking them down into something manageable for teams to work on. This means releasing something usable to our market often, learning from what we do and iterating until we get it nearly right.

  • I believe in engaging stakeholders and managing conversations. But I choose not to make products by committee. Committees are the death knell of products.